We are an all inclusive high quality athletic lifestyle brand. Our unique styles in performance material will make you feel great in your workouts! Featuring our collection in XS – XXL sizing, you will feel confident in Citta. Our ethically made clothing will keep you cool in your workouts and comfortable for anything life brings your way. With your best comfort and quality in mind, each fibre of fabric is intentionally designed by us to bring you a high functioning performance material that will last. All of our material has been developed by our own material Guru who uses no spray on chemical applications (ie whether it is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, moisture wicking, or cooling technology). Each of these garment features have been woven into the fibres even before the material for the clothing item has been produced. It is with this standout quality that Citta Activewear proudly creates world class apparel designs to keep you cool and confident for decades to come!

Passionately designed and created by Kayla Wang in Taiwan. Her passion for yoga and an active lifestyle pushed her into looking for better activewear. Kayla had an advantage as her family is a developer of highly technical fabrics, and so she used the family business to create a line of activewear.

Through family connections and aligned visions, Kayla collaborated with Michelle N. in Vancouver to bring Citta Activewear to North America! This family partnership further expanded when Jen and Nicole – Michelle’s sisters came into the Team! With this family orientated lifestyle brand, you will always feel good around Citta. Inclusiveness and yet strength through diversity is what makes us stand out.

Our aim for you is to feel comfortable and confident in your clothing.  The purpose of our collection is to celebrate women and empower every girl to feel good! We celebrate every BODY! We embrace radical self love with harmonious body appreciation, and encourage you to do the same girl!