Ethical practices

At Citta we are all about Family.  Our Family In Canada has worked with our partners in Taiwan (Hank and Kayla) for over 25 years.  We have intimate knowledge on where our fabrics are sourced, and have worked to develop the fabric technology with our long-term partners.  The Citta team communicates directly with the Designer (Kayla) about styles and fabrics.  Design and purchasing is never outsourced to a third party.

Our Factory:

All Citta products are produced in our own facility in Taoyuan Taiwan.  The Citta team has 10 people total working on our highly technical products, made in short runs (not mass manufactured).  Our team includes four sewers, two pattern makers, one graphic artist, one logistics person, one material researcher and Kayla (Partner and Designer).  Employee retention is very important to us.  The production team has been together long-term, with the oldest employee having worked with our family for 21 years, and the newest for 5 years.  Our family has visited the factory, which is located in a nice office building owned by the Family.  During the visit our family stayed in one of the two bedrooms located at the onsite apartment.  Taiwan has strong, fair, and ethical labour laws.  All Citta employees are paid fair hourly compensation, compensated fairly for overtime, and receive appropriate work hours and vacation time.  We believe strongly in transparency, if you have any questions about our products please reach out.